About Us

Founded in early 2008, Dsign Edge is a professional interior designer in Mangalore specialized in creative planning, design, and construction service. As an interior consultant, we do care about our client’s dream and realize that we build for our client needs by integrating design disciplines into an expected design. Combining the client’s dream with our ideas to become a distinct design.

Brigade Pinnacle

Designing the Future

We continuously seek out new technologies and practices to integrate into our design. This ensures we stay with our changing market and provide not only exemplary service but also pave the way for new and innovative solutions.

Brigade Pinnacle

Our Commitment

We are tirelessly committed to making sure any new project we take on becomes our best yet. As new technologies arrive and more efficient ways of working develop, our proven track record for delivery is testament to our resolve, as is our client satisfaction.


By far the most valuable resource we work with is people. Every project begins and ends, however, we enjoy ongoing and lasting relationships with our clients. Our team has been meticulously assembled and brought together with shared passion and a united vision to deliver the best.